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there's only one real moment when I hate anime. when you finish an anime and search for its second season and realize that the writers and developers dropped it or are putting it off. so I spent some time and looked for just a few anime that I've been waiting on oh so patiently week after week, year after year.
HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD posted this a while back but well yeah, I'm still waiting. Great anime about a group of kids in highschool surviving the zombie apocalypse. it has some random fanservice (if that's what you're into) that doesn't really have anything to do with story, but the story is where it's all about. Oh and a puppy. that puppy is awesome.
BLOOD LAD this has got to be the only action/comedy anime that I seriously enjoyed. not even the anime Beezlebub (green haired demon baby and street punk Ogre highschooler) was as good as this. not only did it have seriously well done action, it had laughs throughout the plot.
LEGEND OF LEGENDARY HEROES simply amazing. I can't really get into what it's about because I'M STILL WAITING ON THE SECOND SEASON to finish actually getting into the REAL plot and not the cover story of the first season. The first season is just the bait and hook. the search for legendary artifacts and character development and background. which sounds lame, but holy damn, it's awesome. plenty of action throughout, great laughs, and an edge of your seat heart wrenching twist/cliffhanger.
BTOOM It's like SOA plot wise I guess. cept they're not trapped in the game, they're forced to play a live action version of it, meaning they feel the pain, and the corpses don't vanish. psychologically it's harsher, which is offset by an equally tender love interest. I think. I have to rewatch this is one lol
BLACK BLOOD BROTHERS it's a pretty cool vampire story. now it's not so much as to "I want a sequel" rather "I want a prequel". I can't really describe this anime, cuz I haven't seen it in years, I only know that it left me hanging and wanting for more.
HONORABLE MENTIONS these other five, though just as highly anticipated, are probably already in the works for a second season. they're just newer so even if it takes a while, there probably no actual threat there won't be a follow up. well except for one and two, but I have hope. 1. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu holy damn just watch this. this anime was so badass, I didn't even mind the badass tears that came with it. 2. Shingeki no Bahamut holy damn just watch this. this anime was so badass, I didn't even mind the tears that came with it. (yes I repeated myself, but tbh this one traded a little a bit of badass action for a lot of comedy, but overall had more tears to be shed, they were just more shippy type tears) 3. Gangsta BADASSERY TO THE MAX 4. Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru noha Machigatteiru we all know this one. it's sweet simple, and quickly gets better with each episode. 5. God Eater it's pretty good, not to shabby. what I especially like about it, no one is supped up or OP, not even the main character. tbh though, I only want a second season cuz of Alisa. :)
So if you like waiting around for years, or maybe if you're simply some sadistic masochist, I recommend you DO NOT watch any of these anime. but they're all really great, and the pain and suffering that comes with waiting. . . is actually totally worth it. so I guess I'm a masochist too. . . at least when it comes to anime. . . BAKA