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We have another birthday today!!! (Well it's his birthday in South Korea. It's his international birthday tomorrow) This time it is none other than Teen Top's L.Joe and I can't let this day pass without any mention of it.
I can't say enough about my very....unique.....Byunggie. I love to see his cute debut years and see him grow more and more as time goes on. It is no secret anymore that L.Joe is one of the wanna-be-gangsters of the kpop world. He tries but has still got a way's to go.......sorry Byunggie XD
Unfortunately for L.Joe his cute side still shows through too much, especially if a dog is around.
No matter how much he tries not to be L.Joe will forever by my skinny little midget that wears clothing 10 sizes to big for him, and I hope his birthday and all the days after that are fabulous!!!! 사랑해요!!!!!
@mr15436 Lol. Going by International Age he's turning 22. His Korean age would be either 23 or 24 (Im still not very good at understanding how they do there years there. I think it should be 23 still.)
how old is he turning? I forgot lol