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In the oven.
Finished product. I just used a frozen pie crust I don't feel like making it today. 馃榿 I tend to bake whenever I'm upset.
I've made 2 of these Japanese souffl茅s cheesecakes yesterday and another is in the oven. I can't eat them all so I'll share them.
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That'd be cool if you are @InPlainSight! I have plenty to share. I can't eat all of them so I'll just bring them to work tomorrow. :) Too bad though I can't send some your way. :(
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You'll be the work hero
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I like sharing ... soooo I hope I can help them to sort of make their day pleasant.
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If that chocolate cake doesn't improve their day, there's something wrong with them!
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Lol! @InPlainSight 2nd time I laugh today. Thank you.
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