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30 day Kpop challenge- day 5
LuHan and BaekHyun!
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@ParkHaru lol yes I have like 4 or 5 emails and I usually just use the one with my first and middle name cause that's what people know me as lol
@sehunsdeerlu lol yep! That's what I've had to start doing, and the other ones are just kind of floating around out of use or for junk email!
@ParkHaru omg yes same it gets really annoying when I have to use ones with SeHun or LuHan or HunHan or something and the cashier gives me that weird look you know?
@sehunsdeerlu omg yes and it's just like "OH MY GOD THEY KNOW" even though they probably don't and are just judging me for having a long ass email