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AWESOME NERDS!! GOT7 did it! I have never had a favorite music video from any of the KPOP, British, or American groups/artists that I listen to. Now thanks to GOT7 I finally have one. This is literally the cutest thing that I have ever seen. Jackson made me love him more than I did yesterday.
I love the music video so much that I'm literally downloading it right now like this second. Only 6 minutes remaining on the download. Is this the only Christmasy song that they're going to have oh are they really going to have a WINTER EDITION? I swear I need to save my money when I work after I graduate Medical School so I can buy all of the Kpop albums.
Way to cute! 😳 🎄 Christmas type loves songs are the best
I totally cried because this was so so so adorable. (T▽Tƪ)♡
That was awesome.