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I'm in love with this new drama I'm watching called Oh My Ghostess. Like seriously in LOVE! This is like the third drama that I'll be finishing that I haven't been watching for very long, along with my first Kdrama love, Boys Over Flowers. I'm on episode 15 and I truly don't want it to end. And if anyone knows anymore dramas similar to this one, or like To the Beautiful You or You Are Beautiful, please let me know in the comments. If you're watching it too, are you on the same emotional roller coaster as I am?!
This was probably my favorite drama that I've ever watched so far, the ending is really great and the drama doesn't really have too much relationship trauma, which can make watching these things quite difficult :)
I've been watching it for 4 months now lol I can't finish it bc I get so emotional
I loved this drama it's amazing!!!
this drama is truly good and awesome !
I know! I almost don't want to finish it but I need for it to end happily