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so for conventions this year im Doing a gender bent version of Ginko from Mushishi and I've got most of the outfit except the contacts a wig and the box. does anyone have any ideas how to make the box? it has to be light enough that I can carry on my back and if possible drawers? I don't know how to do that... and then does anyone know a TRUSTWORTHY cheap place to buy contacts / wigs? the contacts are a bright blue green
Just make the box out of cardboard boxes. Use a big box for the Big part, and use smaller pieces of boxes to make the drawers to slide into the front. On the inside you can easily make small shelves the drawers will sit on. If you want I could draw you up an example. @mrl5436
@Danse that would be so helpful! will a cardboard box look funny though? and I'd just hotglue it together or...? what about the straps? I'm sorry im really new to this
@mrl5436 lol It's okay, no worries. I'll draw you up a card and explain it as best as I can. It's actually pretty simple. And no, a cardboard box won't look silly at all. It's light weight, and durable. It'll be easy to strap it to your back as well. And it'll actually be functional, to a point. :] I'll work on it now for you. (The card)
@Danse thank you so so much!