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1. What's your favorite anime?
2. What is the first anime you ever watched?
3. What's your favorite anime character(s)?
4. Which anime would you want to live in?
5. What anime relates most to you?
6. Why do you like anime?
Finally! List 20 animes you have watched!
1) Don't really have a fave. But my top 3 is Code Geass, Eva, Beck atm. 2) 1st I've ever seen was Akira. I was about 5 or 6 yrs. old at the time 3) Fave characters. too many to name. Natsu, Lelouch, Koyuki, Asuka, Simone, Vash, Spike, etc.... 4) What Anime I would live in? Another hard one. Maybe Fairy Tail, or DBZ, then again, HOTD has zombies and BEEEWWWBS, Pokémon I can leave home at 10 and be a pokemon master, 5) Why do I like anime? When I first got hooked, it was about the art. But now it's just everything, story, art, music, I pretty much immerse myself in a good show. 6) List 20 anime titles watched DBZ Cowboy Bebop Outlaw Star Trigun Code Geass Beck Blood+ Tokyo Majin Gurren Lagann Evangelion Gundam Wing Gundam Seed/Destiny Golden Time Clannad (After Story) Elfen Lied Shuffle! Infinite Stratos Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Tomodachi ga sukinai des Tokyo Ghoul .....Damn that was quick. this list didn't include movies nor any of the ones I'm currently watching. I've also seen WAAAAYYY MORE Than my list. I could probably list an easy 100+
sorry messed up on 5. The anime that relates to me most, would probably be Evangelion and Beck. Probably why they're in the top spot. the main character is always challenged with his surroundings and trying to fit in and in the same time find who he is as a person. I can really relate to those characters. a recent character I could relate to is Kaneki.
1)Attack on Titan 2)Attack on Titan 3)Levi Ackerman Armin Arlert Eren Yeager 4)Sword art online or Attack on Titan 5)Fariy tail Attack on Titan 6)there is to many reasons to list Attack on Titan Sword art online Noragami Show by rock Tokyo ghoul Fariy Tail Lucky star Blue exorcist Free The devil is a part timer Attack on Titan junior high Sword art online ll Angel beats Ouran high school host club No game no life Kill la kill Black butler Puella magi Madoka magica The irregular at Magic high school Arpeggio of blue steel
1) I have a lot of favorites but naruto fullmetal alchemist and Tokyo ghoul r three 2) First ever was Fullmetal alchemist 3) Natsu, Itachi, Ichigo, Erza, Shikamaru etc. soon many more but u won't list them all 4)Naruto or fairy tail 5)Anime connects with my emotions and makes me feel alive. I am not that emotional when it comes to people but when I watch anime I feel every emotion they do and it makes me happy. 6) Naruto Bleach Attack in titan Fairy tail Deadman Wonderland Tokyo Ghoul Blood+ Fullmetal Alchemist Black Blood Brothers Black Cat Code Geass Black Butler Souleater Ouran High School Host club Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon D. Grayman Chrome Spelled regios Blue exorcist SAO Noragami and so much more
1) attack on titan 2) attack on titan 3) Levi Ackerman Edward Elric Russia 4) attack on titan full metal alchemist or bleach 5) fairy tail 6) it takes me away from reality Fairy tail One piece Attack on titan Durarara DBZ Madoka magica Black bullet Bleach Hunterxhunter Haikyu!! Sword art online Naruto Pokemon Naruto shippuden Soul eater Full metal alchemist Kuroko no basket Free! Yu-gi-oh Black butler