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You can't have a proper dance party without this song. If you haven't heard it until today then it's good you came to my page. You will fall in love with this man rather quickly be warned! (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡ As an added bonus check out the awesome mashup with this song, G-dragon's Coup D'etat & Shake the world and T.O.P.'s Doom Dada below!
I did not create this video. All rights go to Sandy G for this video. Go check them out on youtube and help support them!
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Im not a big fan of remixs but OH MY GOD is that remix amazing!!! Ill have to check out more of that youtubers work!!!
@SusiBosshammer I know right?! When I first heard it I was like "holy crap this is friggin dope!"
They mash up was sick! I'm really impressed.
@Helixx Sandy G did a great job with it! They're probably one of my favorite mashup artists on youtube :)
sounds and looks alot like hello bitches