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Without a doubt, if I could only watch one anime for the rest of my life it would have to be Fairy Tail. This wasn't my first anime nor will it be my last, but the values this show has taught and reinforced within make it my absolute favorite.
This show goes beyond merely being good entertainment. No matter what they may be facing, as long as they stand together they continue to fight. They help each other through struggles and protect anyone who shares the same mark, as well as protecting those who truly need it.
The statements they all make in regards to an enemies goad or threat, during a sparring match between comrades, and all the in between demonstrates what they value most. It opens the eyes of the characters as well as the viewer because these same ideas ring true even in our own reality.
These characters have the same struggles as we all do in the real world. They have character that transcends beyond their 2D world into our own realm. They can be comedians, brawlers, guardians, and all the other things that make an anime great, but the way in which they depict the fact that they are family and how that bond makes them strong is simply incredible. Alone, they stand as one individual. Together, they stand as nakama.
Man.... This is an excellent choice.
honestly I can't choose between one piece, fairy tail, or Naruto
One Piece is a good one. Just through me for loops with the location of some of the arcs
one piece would have to be mine if I had to watch only 1 for the rest of my life.