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"You cat obsessed moron"
I love Ciel Don't worry, I also like Sebastian
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He is awesome and adorable and a badass @gabbycalzada
2 years ago·Reply
@TheAnimeManiac yeah your right...but he's not. He's really ugly. And if I had to choose whether between Shebby or Finny I go for Finny
2 years ago·Reply
@TheAnimeManiac sebby is mine I called him first. Claude is with @LaqondaHope. and ciel is with @gabbycalzada. U have to pick someone else.
2 years ago·Reply
@reaper412 yep, reply to the rp
2 years ago·Reply
Yay Ceil-chan is mine back off bitches!!!!! Thank you @reaper412!!!!!
2 years ago·Reply