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@VinMcCarthy This one was a bit hard to decide on just one character to have with me. Finally, I had to choose Vash the Stampede from Trigun.
He is known for his quick shots and hasn't ever missed his target so that would be beneficial if we are dealing with zombies. Ammo wouldn't be readily available so the fact that he can one shot, one kill would be a great skill.
He is also the luckiest or unluckiest guy depending on how you want to look at it. Figured he'd be able to help make some quick escapes when needed and save our food too!
As a last resort he does also have this weapon which would wipe out a great deal of the zombies in one blow. Terrific for those situations in which we become surrounded.
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you do have a point there. but don't think he'll do any hunting, he's genuinely a nice guy & don't really like to harm other souls unless he has to. in most part, there is going to be a lot of running & adventures馃憤
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Trigun. Old school right here!!
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i loved this show so much really got me to eyes well up sometimes when rewatching
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Trigun for the win
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when it comes to overpowering Trigun is tht anime
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