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Hmmm ... I wonder who would be my partner in the zombie apocalypse ... OH! Haha, of coarse ... Alucard.
Yes, I know this guy is kinda scary and , well, evil and good at the same time. However, he loves fighting, destruction. He would do anything his master says. I'm not saying I have to be that person, but I'd at least motivate his masters goal to be the extermination of all zombies. Therefor, being protected so to speak. If you know Alucard, you know he has experience with killing zombies and they are like squashing a fruit fly to him, a piece of cake. You also know that he can never be taken down so easily. @VinMcCarthy
Hey Police Girl! Police Girl! You need to come in here! You just shoot their heads and they explode! It's like House of Dead but like, a million times more awesome!
Haha, exactly! Besides, everyone seems insane and there's rarely a "normal" opinion which is fantastic. Haha, "We're all mad here..." @TensaZangetsu98