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Sora the mighty weirder of the keyblade there are many different keyblades with varietys of abilities and effects sora has incredible agility and strength not only can he use magic he has many different forms allowing him to use multiple keyblades and moves
These are his forms
Kitito the mighty hero of Sao after being trapped in multiple games he has acquired numerous amounts of skills and abilities kititos incredible speed will beat most people his sword skills are incredible he has a good chance kitito will have the ability to use his wings from Alfine online
If these two fight you can't expect me to pick one! all I can do is sit back and watch the world end. 😓
@lordeath666jp you're a mean person
@Yoshizu where you're wrong is the fact that you think Sora would actually have time to adjust to being in the game while Kirito is already completely familiar with it. Not to mention Kirito being the fastest *living* swordsman in the game. Also, if, yes that's an if, Kirito even deemed it necessary to fight a child, then presumably Kirito would be fighting for his friends. I'm sure we all know what kind of shit an anime character can pull out of their ass in times of need. Also, @DustinAtkinson made a good point. A "key blade" would be nothing more than a club in actuality, while you have Kirito duel wielding two longswords that he can hit you with in the blink of an eye. While I'm not entirely familiar with Sora's repertoire of abilities, attacks, etc, @KyleMelendrez made the point that while Sora fought monsters "in the real world" and "knows what it's like to continually fight for his life", you must be forgetting that while in the game Kirito was fighting for his life against many types of monsters big, small, and one species named "the abusive Asuna". Kyle also mentioned that Sora is an expert swordsman, but as I mentioned above, except for a certain unnamed person who I care not to talk about because sadness, Kirito is the fastest swordsman in SAO, at this point only rivaled by Asuna and maybe Leafa. While fighting *certain unnameable*, Kirito was barely beaten by *certain unnameable*. Oh and @Yoshizu you mentioned that if Kirito and Sora were fighting in real life Kirito wouldn't be able to fight at all. If they were fighting in the real world, physics and everything, Sora would be a *don't know how old* child wielding a giant key "blade" that he could probably barely lift. It wouldn't be fair to put either fighter outside of their comfort zone. So while I think it would be a relatively close fight, Kirito would persevere by far.
@KyleMelendrez I respect *nearly* all the people fighting for Sora and trust me I understand that Sora would put up a hell of a fight but, in all seriousness here, I still have to say Kirito. Like whatever Sora has fought, Kirito could definitely fight. I mean, sure the enemy may be big or fast, but Kirito has speed, power, health, you name it, he can take it down. I mean granted most of the time he's had team mates helping him fight these enemies but that's only until things actually start to get bad, and then for whatever reason it's just Kirito fighting lol. Just like with the Gleam Eyes fight. He practically took that guy out completely on his own even though that boss decimated nearly an entire squad of the military and would've take down Asuna and Klein (+ Kleins goons). And when Kirito was in the trapped room with the moonlit black cats, there were at least fifty if not more enemies in there that were at least his level which was double that of his guild mates, and that was before his duel wielding capabilities. And do I even have to talk about the comedy in Kirito fighting Mickey Mouse or some other Disney character, and like you said @VioLence, if Sora was fighting for someone he'd win right? Well what if Kirito was fighting for Asuna, Klein, hell all of the trapped players? Sorry to say you guys aren't gonna convince me xD also Kyle I raise your 100000000 with 100000000000
I already stated facts way up above if you've read them. I could again if you want. I could also mention that if Sora and Kirito would fight in a fair way then they would be in a vr game, so assuming Kirito would even cheat by this much he could use Heathcliffs login to make himself a gm and technically invincible. Or he could just beat him like he did General Eugene who was the "strongest" player in ALO. Or he could beat him like he would have beaten Heathcliff if he hadn't cheated. Did I forget to mention that Kirito actually can use magic? You know like when he turned himself into the gleam eyes and killed 11 players and could've kept going if Leafa didn't tell him to keep one guy alive?
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