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I fell in love with this dorama: "dr.Rintarô,Psychiatrist" the moment I saw the ad. Why? Because I'm a little loony maybe, or maybe just because I'm studying psychiatry. Anyhow, I found Sakai-san's act is hontou sugoii!!!!!!
Somehow he captured the essential of how an ideal psychiatrist must be. The gestures, the smile, the attitude. I missed my Horiguchi-sensei so much watching Sakai-san act, they resemble so much, in spite of my old sensei is being flabby and bald.
I miss going back to Shimane daigaku!!!
Well... Just like life... Hard to accept life since there are not just good memories but also bad ones. Good memories in Izumo will forever cherished in my heart. Continuing to study psychiatry back in Indonesia after tasting a sweet life studying in Japan, seems like a setback, but well... that's just life. I have to embrace it and make the best of it. Ganbatte neee... boku ga