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Jimin and Tae are such bad influences.
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@Lizzeh Yes! BTS would most definitely be MY kind of group to hang out with.. With their wrird adorable goofy selves 馃槏鉂わ笍
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@Lizzeh I think I would be more like Jin. 馃槀 I can't dance and my life is awkward but I love the people close to me.
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@BAbrajan1 man too bad they probably don't accept girls to join their group lol I would definitely would want to be a part of that lol @StarlightDria lol then we are definitely meant to be in that group! Lol馃槶馃槶
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@Lizzeh *grabs your hand* Lets go join . 馃槀 I think we will be great new members ... although I can't dance .
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@StarlightDria *takes hand* YES LET'S GO TO HEAVEN!! it's okay him can help you and give you some pointers 馃榿 and then we shall all have some random fun. *馃槶馃槶* just imagining it *馃槶馃槶*
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