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Hey Vingle Nakama!!

Things are going really well so far in our Thanksgiveaway! Thank you to everyone who has participated so far and to everyone else, I absolutely encourage you to!
So without any further ado, here's the question for today! (Yes including the one earlier which was a replacement for yesterday. Again, sorry y'all.)

Who from anime would you most like to train you?

Me? I'd pick Asuma.

He trained Naruto to recognize his wind-type chakra, and inspired team ShikaInoCho to amazing heights.
Plus he smokes! I smokes!
Plus, if he was training me it'd mean he was still alive ;_;
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@danse that last haiku always get me teary eyed
For me it would between Rayleigh from One Piece, Jiraiya from Naruto, or Netero from Hunter x Hunter
I would choose Genryuusai Yamamoto, because he is like the strongest Shinigami in the Seireitei, and if I could learn to get my Zanpakuto to the same level as his... ohhhohohoh... that, and *spoilers* he would be alive if he were training me.
ahhhh! He's my favorite sensei 馃槅 I still tear up at the thought of his death 馃槶
Terry Bogard 馃槉