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Hello Everyone! Its Sara! Anyway, I barely realized that I have been tagged into some KPop challenges, so, just to- 1. Get them out of my schedule 2. Get people to know me 3. Just for the fun of it I decided to do them all, no voting, no choosing. Just plain all.

Yes? OK, you'll get to know me!

So, on this one, I have been tagged by a a lot of people, but the ones who mainly tagged me were @thePinkPrincess and @VeronicaArtino . Thank you girls! Her it goes:

20 Facts about me:

-I am literally 5ft tall. I'm the shortest in my grade. -The part of my body that I'm most confident on is my Face Birthmark. -I'm a biiig book, series, History and Astronomy nerd, besides being a KPopper. Don't ask why, I just am. -In school, I like being the moodmaker, in very friendly, yet I don't open up myself. I have been backstabed too many times to actually count, but I still decide to make people smile. -I don't really sleep. But when I do, I can sleep for about 20 hours straight. -5 is my luckiest number. I have always identified myself with it. -I don't really talk to anyone about my problems. Personally, I hate telling my feelings about something. No I love yous, no I'm super sads, no, none of that. I don't feel like they should know, yet, I listen very closely to other peoples troubles and try to help in any way I can. -I am extremely stubborn. If I truly set my mind to it, I won't change my mind and I'll do it. But, curiosity is one if my biggest motives. -Lies and Hypocrisy are my biggest pet peeves. -I love to hear people sing, but I can't do it myself. I'm more on the "awesome rapping skills" as my friends tell me. -RapMonster and Suga are my role models.But my Mom is my biggest inspiration. -I'm in love with being peaceful in a private place, but I must admit, being in the middle of a chaotic situation is hilarious. I would love to be in one evry day. -I personally have no idea how the heck I will achieve my dreams, but I WILL do them. Simply for the fact that I want to. -I'm extremely honest. I don't like to lie or pretend. But people have told me that I can act and lie very well. -Red things are life. Its my favorite color. -I wish that when I'm older, my classmates or the people around me have sooooo many good memories of me starting something fun, so that when they are about 70-80 yrs old, they remember me. -I try to make the best out of everyone's day, to me, smiles are the best thing a person can have. -People say that my easygoing charming nature comes from the fact that I'm a Sagittarius. My birthday is on December 1st. I don't really think so. -I don't see myself getting married or having children in the future. -I have a weird obsession with old things, books, and LuckyCharms cereal. I'm basically a mix between all BTS: Playful like V Smart like RapMonster I don't like to share my feelings like Suga Happy like JHope Caring and listener like Jin The youngest, or the baby eveeeerywheeerrreeee like JungKook, And to most of the people i know, "adorable" like Jimin.

Add these up together and BOOM! YOU GT SARA!

5 Facts of my ideal type:

*As I had said earlier, I personally don't see myself getting married, but -*sighs*- I'll do this one. -Needs to be really tall. But not skinny Scrawny tall. I want a guy who looks good in a Basketball or Baseball uniform, but can rock out a suit with broad shoulders and a good jaw. -Really really really smart. Not just smart as in video games and nerd smart, but smart as in business and money and math smart. -Have a good voice or someone so can dance. Either he sings for me, raps for me, or teaches me how to dance. -Good patience, I'm extremely clumsy and kinda playful, so..... I need a guy who can actually stand me. Also, if I ever -hopefully not- have a child, I dont just want him to yell and all. He needs to like reading books to babies and well, you know, he needs to stand playing. -I tend to like ghost pale guys. You don't have to blond, or blue eyed or anything, I just like pale guys.

10 Facts about my crush:


Sing Challenge:


Selfie Challenge:

Here you go! Right nest to the challenge picture. I know I'm ugly. Sorry if I cracked your screen. And yes, I am aware that I look like a 5 year old.

Rap Challange:

I would totally do this one, but my phone makes me sound like a toddler when I talk in a video. Even though my voice is pretty deep for a girl.

Bias Letter Challenge:

Ahh, k wish I could do this one, but I have so many things to tell him, that I would have to write a book. But dont worry, I'm thinking o making a FanFic.
Anyway, sorry if this want interesting. I just felt you all who tagged me needed to see this. I will do the rest of the challenges the next few days. I'm still working on the GOT7 project and many more things. Follow MY COLLECTION for the cards! Thank you for your time into reading this. My inbox is always open in case anyone needs it.

Have a good one Vingle!

@thePinkPrincess ;) @VeronicaArtino Thank you! I don't really like sharing things about myself, but I'm glad you guys like this one.
you are adorable and beautiful. love getting to know you.
I loves this so much!!! Thank you for taking the time to make this. And yay my fav color is red too ❤