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Price: KRW 5200 (approx USD 5) Net content: 6g Available Color: 01 Milk Pink – Strawberry milk pink like a girl’s cheek 02 Pleasure Pink – Lively pink 03 Pleasure Peach – Calming peach 04 Milky Violet – Violet that goes well with yellow skin tone 05 Sugar Brown – Natural shading 06 Pink Light – Highlight for contour 07 Bronze Brown – Dark color shading Natural color Clear case for convenient color check This crystal blusher was among the blind test item in Get It Beauty, and it ranked #1 when they compare it to other branded blushers, and the price is really affordable. The product that they use in the blind test was #07 Bronze Brown, but since I have paler skin, I bought #05 Sugar Brown instead. This blusher basically will make your face look smaller and slimmer!! You just need to apply to the skin with brush within T zone, C zone, under eye area or cheek area. Since the blusher doesn't contain pearl, I didn't get this 'volume' solid feeling on my face. But on the other side, it turns out really natural (semi matte) and it gives neat and innocent impression.
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I always have a hard time finding blush--It is either too light, so it doesn't show or it makes me look like a baby doll. Maybe I will try this one.