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Sometimes you can only dream of a white Christmas. This year I won't be home, and it'll be the first time in my 22 years. Hopefully, I'll join them on Skype for a little while, but in the event that it's too depressing, I may just avoid the holiday all together.

1. See if you can round up your friends for a ramshackle celebration.

Friendsgiving is over, and that's okay. Since Christmas is a "way bigger deal" for some reason, it can feel so much more lonely than other holidays. This is why you can round up some of your friends who will be spending the Holiday lone, and encourage them to celebrate the loneliness with you.

2. At your friendly celebration, see if you can get a Secret Santa exchange together, that way y'all can save money and still have a fun gift opening experience.

It sucks when you're not opening presents with your family, you know, under the tree like it's supposed to be. But in adult land, that isn't always possible. Get a Secret Santa exchange going and make sure to get your buddy something good.

3. If your friends aren't available, and you're truly alone, take a road trip.

Nothing says Christmas like driving up the California Coast (something I'm strongly considering). Take a road trip by yourself and celebrate yourself damn it. Do something fun that you'll remember forever. Take a little road trip, go see some weird roadside attractions, and before you know it, Christmas will be over and everyone will return to normal.

4. Head out to one of those dive bars that serves cocktails at half price all day...and get wasted.

The best way to forget that you're alone on Christmas is to just drink the day away. Get some bottomless cocktails and have a ball with all the other lonely souls in the bar. You can make a new family, albeit drunken and lost, but new you know?

5. Volunteer at a shelter, children's home or soup kitchen. Give back and spend time helping others.

This might be in direct contrast to the whole getting wasted thing, but the holiday season really is about helping other people. Spending your day watching other people have a great holiday is like...probably the best thing you could do. If you're feeling lonely and out of place, away from your family and friends, the best distraction is charity. Honestly, nothing feels better than helping others. No matter how much of a grinch you think you are, you'll change your tune when you see what you can do for others.
That sounds like a great idea. I'm excited to be in a new place! But yeah, it'll be interesting. I'm going to see if I can reconnect with some family out there too. Thanks for the suggestion :)
@TessStevens for my first few years in Australia I had no family and few friends, so those of us with not many around us decided to have an orphans Christmas (not strictly for orphans obviously) were we got together...had a pot luck and all just got drunk together. Some of the best Christmases I have ever had and I still see those people for Christmas.