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Actor Lee Kwang Soo, A Pink's Jung Eun Ji and Teen Top's Niel are the new models of Fanta. On March 27th, Coca-Cola Company revealed they have cast A Pink's Jung Eun Ji and Teen Top's Niel to be their new faces, replacing Baek Jin Hee and Kang Seung Yoon, and Lee Kwang Soo will continue to endorse the soda like he has been doing in the past. Fanta has decided to create a “Fantastic Idol” group where Lee Kwang Soo will be the leader and the one in charge of the friendly orange flavor. Jung Eun Ji will be the one representing the cute and cheerful pineapple flavor, and Niel will be the face of the talented and charismatic grape flavor. The “Fantastic Idol” group will be produced by Fanta Entertainment, and Lee Kwang Soo will also be the CEO of the company. The public will also have a hand in the group, as they act as the staff and will choose their outfits, choreography, etc. Coca-Cola commented, “We hope to show a fun and exciting concept where the public will be involved. We hope to show a new fun image of the brand.” The three will film the music video by mid-April and the group will debut in June.