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Words That Start with "ㄱ"
In this series, we'll practice coming up with words that start in a certain letter. Today's letter is:

ㄱ or "g"

You can write either: 고양이 or goyangi but be sure to write the translation as well :D

Its totally okay to post the same word as someone else - this is all about practice!

Leave all the ㄱ words you can think of in the comments:

Some ideas: 김밥 - Veggies rolled in seaweed 갑사합니다 - Thank you! 고양이 - Cat
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감사합니다 (Thank you) is all I can think about orz
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This is super late, sorry. It might also be wrong. It's late and I'm tired. 그럼 Then 그레 Right 김 Kim 고양이 Cat 귀여워 Cute 거짓말 Lie 고마워 Thanks 그리고 Also 가 Go 가지마 Don't Go 가자 Let's Go 개 Dog 괜찮아 You ok?
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가끔! sometimes~
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