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In this series, we'll practice coming up with words that start in a certain letter. Today's letter is:

ㄱ or "g"

You can write either: 고양이 or goyangi but be sure to write the translation as well :D

Its totally okay to post the same word as someone else - this is all about practice!

Leave all the ㄱ words you can think of in the comments:

Some ideas: 김밥 - Veggies rolled in seaweed 갑사합니다 - Thank you! 고양이 - Cat
감사합니다 - Thank You 🙏 가자 - Let's Go 🚗💨 김밥 - Veggies wrapped in seaweed 김치 - Fermented cabbage 고양이 - Cat 🐱 기억해 - Remember 귀신 - Ghost 👻 같이 - Together 것 - Thing 건배 - Cheers! 🍻 귀 - Ear 👂 귀엽다 - Cute 고마워요 - Thanks 금요일 - Friday 📅 곡 - Song 🎶 고기 - Meat 🍖 고북이 - Turtle 🐢
강영현 (Young K)'s real name 간장 - Soysauce 고구마 - Sweet potato
every word I can think of has now been written so I'll just keep practicing by reading other people's and trying to remember the meaning
감사합니다-thankyou 괜차나-its ok 개-dog 갈비 -galbi (beef shortribs) 김밥- vegetable & rice roll 고마워 - thanks 김치- kimchi (fermented cabage) 가자-lets go
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