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Did you guys See Koreaboo's newest article
Well Jay Park sure did and he wasn't to happy about it
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Savage AF♡♡
I like how chill he gets in the end, I love him so much
Personally I think he's right though. it's false advertising. He's being involved in something he has nothing to do with causing unnecessary drama.As a celebrity it is sort of expected but he's still a person just like you and I. And I wouldn't want to be wrapped up in something like this especially because IT COULD CAUSE A SERIOUS DRUG SCANDAL!! Yes as a company you would want to get noticed but there's a better way to go about it. But in the end I guess they did get the PR they wanted :P
What do you guys think? Was Jay too harsh? Should people in general stop knowingly making false accusations? . . Let me know your thoughts and the topic down below :)
No Jay wasn't harsh what so ever! Stupid stuff like that could interfere with someone's career if they were that desperate for like/views they shouldn't go about it that way King Jay put them in there place
he wasn't harsh nor was he cruel, i think he handled it in the best way possible. He could've cussed them out and stuff but he didn't so i applaud him for that
he had a right to be harsh. if they would have got his input in advance there wouldn't be so much negativity
I mean he defended himself in a firm way that will make other writers reluctant to try it with him again sooooo....GO JAY PARK XD
I think he was right. They have no right to include his name and have no hard evidence to back up that claim they should leave innocent people alone
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