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BTS Comeback: Hell Week


Since this is the week before BTS' dooms day (their comeback is November 30) I felt like we should rally together to love our boys before they potentially kill us with this new album.

Why do we stan them??

Here's the plan:

Each day we'll devote our content to one member - make a card about how much you love Rap Mon's dimples, or your favorite Suga songs from mix tapes, or Jin's most princess-y moments :D

Whatever you can think of! Be creative :D

So who is in?!

V Day will start tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

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Is RapMon day! Please tag me...
2 years ago·Reply
it's only day 2 and my feels are on fire. I don't know how I'm going to survive the rest of this week.
2 years ago·Reply
OMG can't wait. tag me
2 years ago·Reply
Yay! this going to be fun
2 years ago·Reply
a year ago·Reply