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Hey Vingle Nakama!

Here's the newest installment of the VS Battles collection I've started. In an attempt to be better rounded, I've been trying to keep away from swordsmen... there are so many swordsmen...
So on that note, this is a proposed boxing match! Between two iconic boxers from anime. I propose a match between

Ryohei Sasagawa and Makunouchi Ippo!!

Ryohei Sasagawa - 10th Vongola Sun Guardian

The possessor of the Vongola Sun Ring, Rykohei is capable of releasing Sun Dying Will Flames. With these flames he can supercharge his already impressive boxing techniques.
The ring is later upgraded to the Vongola gear, granting him the Extreme Counter, which allows him to unleash accumulated damage received back to the enemy.
Ryohei lives life "to the extreme" and has proven incredibly durable as well as strong. He has defeated enemies in blinding light and pitch blackness. He does not give up, especially when fighting for friends.

Makunouchi Ippo - "The Wind God"

A masterful boxer, Ippo has blended several styles and stances of boxing into his own. Most notably is the Dempsey Roll, easily Ippo's most recognizable trait as a boxer.
Ippo has an iron will and dedication to his craft - his willpower and durability are remarked upon to be the greatest in Japan.
A tremendously capable 'In Fighter', Ippo is at his best in close-quarters, as he has a limited wingspan in comparison to other fighters. He has a 92% knockout rate, extraordinarily high, especially for someone so young.

Okay, Vingler Nakama! It's up to you all to vote for who you think would be the champion in this fight!

It's a full-out boxing match, with all their techniques and styles allowed! Take the information here and make your arguments for who you'd think would win and why!
Apachai Hopachai from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
But I can agree with one thing...this will be one hell of a fight.
if ryohei didn't use his super powers ippo will win but ryohei will win if it's all out
how bout Baki the grappler ?
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