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Sometimes relationships get very twisty and screwy. It happens, it just makes the plot a bit more juicy for the people following the show. So posted up is the Winchester family tree. Fortunately their tree is not as bad as the Marvel tree
For the Winchester family and any happy Vinglers passing through! L A Von Winchester
"not as bad as the Marvel tree" lol ok but that's a pretty low bar.....
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Lol the Marvel tree confuses the heck out of me.. It's gets weird for me around Scott and Jean lol
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@LAVONYORK lol I don't even get that far it's so confuding
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Lol the Marvel tree is like an Episode of Grey's. Somebody is somebody's ex . Or someone is somebody's brother by DNA and not actually related but might have some similar attributes of someone else. Yup, marvel.. Confusing lol
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