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I love this show so freaking much it's ridiculous I I watched it at least over 20 times already. the story follows A Man who dares to defy his destiny, Simon a young boy from Ghai village will rather spend most his days digging tunnels to expand the village where his big bro on the other hand "Kamina" dreams of going to the surface and will do whatever it takes to achieve that dream I can't really give you the full detail on the whole season but I will give you a quick briefing. while digging his usual tunnel Simon came across a gunman that was buried underground along time ago upon discovering this also is the same time his village came under attack by two giant gunman who at the time was fighting Yoko from the village over. Simon and his big brother along with Yoko for all the giant beasts and finally escaped the village with nowhere left to go they decide to head out with Yoko and see what all the surface have to offer. I really wish I can tell you more but if you a huge mecha anime fan like I am then this 27 episode will literally have you on the edge your seats and in your feelings so you wouldn't want me giving away spoilers but trust me check it out I promise you you won't be disappointed @KalyanMadoori
Show got me through highschool
totally forgot about the names of the forms here they are👇👇👇 1.Gurren Lagann 2.Arc-Gurren lagann 3. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann 4. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and the soundtrack of the theme songs is even amazing
@EricSandoval you got me to high school and tough times
yes such a good watch. i still got pissed with the ending.....