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As it said on the previous card, Levi was eliminated, as the anime fans least FAVORITE bad-ass CHARACTER with a total of twenty three votes. I have made some changes to the card to make it a little more understanding The same rules apply; 1. You may only vote once 2. In that vote, you may only list one character ex. FunnyChiz: I vote Gon. βœ” FunnyChiz: I vote Gon, Ichigo, Sebastian, Luffy. ❌ 3. Must input your vote before the deadline 4. If you have more than one character in your VOTE, your vote will be marked as INVAILD. 5. Have Fun I will announce when voting is closed. *New cards will be posted every Sunday."
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i stand my firsy choice the butlers
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@AntoineGulatt I'm pretty sure either Natsu or Ichigo will win, because the two of them are incredibly strong, and just as Tenacious as Luffy, if not more Tenacious.
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Yeah the butler guy is definitely out. He can't hang with the people left. Gon is the definite winner here.
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New Card will be posted Tommorow, due to personal issues release date has been postponed.
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