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@VinMcCarthy This may not what you are expecting but I would want Soma to train to be a better cook! c:
Cooking is a very important part of life and I could use all the help I could get! haha
And going to a prestigious culinary school with these amazing chefs would be amazing! if only haha Comment what you think. Would you want to be trained by the top chefs from Shokugeki no Soma?
I'm a cook and a chef in training and I love this anime with all my heart and stomach, so excited for its second season
@DomingoRamos I went to culinary school myself. Though just for fun. My family is really into cooking so I figured heck why not? lol I'm a Huge food Lover. I suppose you like Sanji and Komatsu from Toriko too? *hopeful stare*
*Drools all over this card* Anything with food has my approval. lol
I'd be trained by Nikumi because meat! And she's probably not as impossible as Soma or Erina, and she's super sexy.
@danse I've been cooking in and out of restaurants for about five years, can't afford culinary school,but yes I do love them but surprisingly my favorites in one piece is chopper and in toriko is of course toriko hahahah
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