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Hmmm well that's a tough one. So I'll do top 7.
7)weighing in at last place we have Gajeel and Levy. I love this ship, but it's not my favorite out of the others.
6) In 6th place we have Mira and Laxus. I think they would make an adorable couple. They are also two badass people that would well together.
5) In 4th place we have Jellal and Erza. They are just two badass mother frienders. They would be a powerful couple together.
4) In 4th place we have Carla and Happy. They are just two exceeds who were meant to be.
3) The couple that deserves a bronze medal is....Romeo and Wendy. They are so young and they would make the god damnest couple.
2) The couple that deserves a silver medal is.......Natsu and Lucy. You may be gasping why in the hell aren't they first place well they would make a cute couple, but just wait and see who's the first. -winks- I chose them for silver because they are so adorable together yes some people ship Natsu with Erza or even Lisanna. That your opinion and this is mine.
1) Alrights it came down to the first place, the couple with the GOLD medal is............. Juvia and Gray. Yeah yeah I know why them. Juvia may be a stalker, but think of it this way why would the creator of Fairy Tail have Gray be the one to fight Juvia and make her fall in love with him. Like same with Natsu and Lucy. Also the same goes with Gajeel and Levy. It was because it's destiny for them to be together. These are my ships my opinion. So don't be a hater and I'll see you later. -winks and waves goodbye-
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I did draw little Jellal and Erza. Also I drew Juvia and gray married.