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@VinMcCarthy If I could choose an anime character to have as a trainer I would definitely choose Igneel. It would be really awesome to have a dragon train me to use dragon slayer magic I also love dragons they are my favorite mythical creature. And I feel like Igneel would be a great teacher.
Not to mention look what a great job he did with his son Natsu. I would have to say if I wouldn't be able to choose Igneel I would choose Natsu.. But who wouldn't want to be trained by the king of the fire dragons?
awesome! Igneel is a solid pick. he definitely trained one of the most powerful mages ever, and that's saying something about his skills. plus, who wouldn't want a dragon comrade?
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@VinMcCarthy I know right having a dragon comrade would be pretty sweet 馃槉 And Igneel was the first one that popped in my head because I like his character so much and since he did such a great job with Natsu.
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a dragon with a six pack, sweet
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sweet pics especially of Igneel
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@TylerCinamella thanks I tried to make it look as awesome as possible
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