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Just Finished watching EPIC Anime
I actually saw this anime on a card on this app and I was in the mood for a horror and boy did this take the cake. If your in the mood for a horror anime this is definitely one I would recommended, from its gory death scenes to its killer soundtrack and sound effects. This anime will have you hanging on to the edge of your seat with fear. If you are the queasy kind, this anime IS NOT FOR YOU, I REPEAT, IF YOU GET QUEASY EASILY, THIS ANIME IS NOT FOR YOU. But who knows maybe you want to take a walk on the wild side and try something different I highly recommend this anime. Beware the picture. The picture with the twins is the OVA and I suggest you watch that first to avoid any confusion. Enjoy.
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It's awesome right!
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and the ending... omg
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Oh god the ending was so stressful lol
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Lol. Ikr
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