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Welcome to this week's edition of the Funny Community weekly game - "SO GOOD OR NO GOOD"! Every Monday, I post to ask your opinion on various things that a lot of people either strongly love or strongly hate, and then share the full community results!
Last week I asked you how you felt about Brussels sprouts! Out of the 55 users who voted either way, Brussels sprouts were decided to be 'SO GOOD' by 34 voters.
That means BRUSSELS SPROUTS ARE SO GOOD!!!!!!! (But, to those of you who aren't really into Brussels sprouts, don't worry. I hated them for pretty much 90% of my life, so I know where you're coming from.)
Also thank you, @VinMcCarthy, for posting the most disturbing yet hilarious comment of last week's game. We may never look at Brussels sprouts the same way again.
This week's game is inspired by new member @fierywolf, who told me that this is a weird food combination that he's seriously all about. (Sup, Kevin.)

With that being said, I want to know: Do you think French fries & Mayo is SO GOOD or NO GOOD?

Do these photos look like food porn to you?

Or are they the grossest thing you've ever seen?

How do YOU feel about this strange combination?

Debate, debate, debate!

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I like ranch with French fries. also I like to dip then in chocolate milk shakes. however, I have not ever tried them in mayo.
Honestly best way to eat fries
Not my thing....I like either cheese, ketchup, or ranch dressing on my fries.
The best invention and yet the reason I gained too much weight.
Good!! I know this is old but good! I usually do a mayo, mustard, ketchup mixture for my fries. Y'all should try it..... ._.