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The finale is here you guys!!! I just want to first thank you all for reading and @SugaOnTop for her suggestion. Let's get right into it!!! ^.^
You laugh again as TOP makes another ridiculous face you can't help but find hilarious. "You're so stupid." as you try to calm your uncontrollable laughter. TOP smiles at your reaction. "Hey that how you talk to your new boyfriend?" He then gives you another sly smile. Your eyes open wide as you try to muster a reply. "TOP...wha...what do you mean?" You shudder as he runs his finger over your face. For some reason the touch stings and you cringe. "What's wrong? I know you like me so why deny this huh?" You stand up almost toppling the table. "TOP stop playing around.." you stammer. TOP's look only darkens as he stands from the table and starts walking towards you. "I know you want me. I'm giving you a chance here." You look around for Suga and don't spot him. "TOP I really don't think you should. Suga might come back anytime..." you say halfheartedly. TOP notices your bluff. "We both saw how long that line was. It'll be a week before he comes back. But in the meantime." You keep backing from him until your back touches the wall. You curse yourself for picking the most empty space in the cafe. No one is here to help now. TOP grins noticing that your uneasiness. "Don't look so nervous. Is this your first time?" He leans in just inches away from your face...
"Suga...Yoongi help me please.." you whisper. You feel TOP's breath on your face. You close your eyes and put your hands up your face bracing yourself. But nothing comes. You inch your hands from your face slowly and see Suga on TOP punching. TOP who was probably surprised at the attack was defenseless while under Yoongi. He could only shield his face from the blows that weren't stopping. You try to pull Yoongi off and somehow succeed. You figure he let you because TOP seemed pretty beat up. "Suga..he just came on to me..and.....and" you stammer as you realize you're crying. Hus angry expression is replaced by a worried one as he wipes your tears away and embraces you. "Shhhh...its okay. I'm here. Oppa is here now." he comforts. You shake in his arms as the tears rack your body. "I don't know what came over him." you try to explain. "He just started flirting and-" You are silenced by Suga's lips that send a warn feeling throughout your body. You're surprised at the action but you return it. He finally pulls away and you pout as the warmth leaves. "You're mine you got that. Don't let anyone touch you or mess with you alright? If they do you come find me. I love you." You're speechless but you manage to nod your head and hold on to him tigther. He smiles at you. "Let's go okay? I'm exhausted." You smile at him. "You're such a sloth." He gives you a look. "Yah!! Just remember what I said." "I know..i know. I'm yours." He nods being satisfied with that answer and puts his arm around you as you both walk off.

<3 The End

Uh I wanted it to be like "you passed the test, Suga is my friend I can't let just anyone date him" But no it was for real lol
Meanwhile I'm just sitting here thinking, "Dafuq happened to TOP? Did he just get knocked the fuck out? How empty is this caf茅? Why is nobody helping TOP?!" I know that's not important but for some reason this seems oddly romantic considering the fact Suga just kicked TOP's ass lol it was cute ^_^ I liked it!
馃槶馃槶馃槶鉂も潳鉂も潳 so beautiful
Aish I don't know how to feel!!! I was like, crazy obsessed with bigbang before and belive me I still love them, but I'm feeling extremely guilty here because I think I might like BTS more now... but this was romantic and I loved it馃槏馃槏馃槏
love it, you're such a good writer! don't tell me you're taking suggestions...I'll bug you for the rest of your life lol! I need to peruse your fan fic collection first, but I'd love you forever and a day if I could get one of myself and either Heenim or Donghae eventually. *puppy eyes*
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