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This week is an incredibly exciting week for prize dogs across America, as the Thanksgiving holiday always brings about the most famous televised dog show, The American Kennel Club's National Dog Show. (Or, as you might know it, 'that thing that comes on after the Macy's Parade is over and you've forgotten to turn off the TV'.)
In the spirit of dog show season, I've decided that it's time we host our very own. So without further ado, I'm excited to announce the following:

Welcome to the first annual Vingle Funny Community Dog Show!

Share a picture of Fido doing something hilarious for the chance for your dog to win the title of 'Funny Community Canine Ambassador'!

Here's how to enter:

1) Create a card with [Funny Dog Show] somewhere in the title. Make sure to include your dog's name!
2) Add the funny pictures or videos you have of your dog. You can post as many as you want - but make sure that they're funny!
3) Tell us a little bit about your dog. Can they do a weird trick? Were they a rescue? What's their favorite snack? (Cards without a doggie description will be disqualified!)
4) Publish the card into the Funny community.
4) Campaign, campaign, campaign! Tag your Vingle friends, share your card on Facebook or Twitter, just get people to vote for your dog by pressing 'like'.
The deadline is Sunday, November 29th at midnight EST, and the winning dog will be given the title of Funny Community Canine Ambassador, the owner will be given full bragging rights, and I will be given a new cover for my Canine Comedy Hour collection!

So good luck to all Vingle dog owners! And may the funniest dog win!

LOL @deilig that actually sounds pretty funny to me!!
@deilig @RainaC3 @inuyashagal @Luci546 @TomaBrando I can't wait to see your dogsssss! :D
My dog is too lazy to be funny😫😫😫😫 why Heidi??
@GalaxyTacoCat That moment when there's a cat talking to you 😂 don't know if I should be happy or creeped out ☺
@PurpleChick Exactly
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