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Mark Cuban, best known for being the owner of the NBA franchise, Dallas Mavericks, participated in a League of Legends show match at the Intel Extreme Masters San Jose.

And of course, Cuban was just being himself and threw around some serious trash talk. Oh, he also dropped the f-bomb along the way.

During the post-event interview, he was informed that he has been fined $15,000 for dropping the f-bomb. Cuban's response?

“So if I say it again I have to pay another $15,000?”

And I think you know what happened next.

That's right. You're the fuxking man Mark.

Any other Mark Cuban fans out there?

Ahhh, Mark... if only I could live your life. lol
@mchlyang he really is, yo. Super smart and kind and funny and just ... REAL. You know what I mean?
@ButterflyBlu Ahh I had a feeling you would like Mark. He's a great guy haha. Mad respect for him!
@GinnaL13 Haha he has some great quotes!
@GinnaL13 He's a boss (literally and figuratively)!
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