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People usually use Photoshop to make celebrities look thinner. Right?

Not 20-year-old Spanish artist named David Lopera – he uses photoshop to transform celebrity bodies in a totally different way. In response to the way plus-size women are treated by society – shamed, looked down upon, and bombarded with the message that they're not good enough – Lopera decided to show the world that big is beautiful.
His creations show women with power – namely, celebrities – as confident, curvy beauties. Lopera says that he's received plenty of criticism from people who aren't accustomed to seeing plus-sized women portrayed as powerful, seductive, and confident. But lots of people are applauding his work as well.
Scroll through some of his images below, or check out his page to see more!
Katy Perry
Alison Brie
Jennifer Lawrence
Cobie Smulders
Kim Kardashian
Mila Kunis
Emma Stone
Emilia Clarke
Emma Watson
Megan Fox
Lady Gaga

What do you think of Lopera's plus-sized portraits?

I think they promote a really healthy idea of beauty – that women of every size are beautiful, and deserve to feel just as confident and desirable as the thin women our society glorifies. I hope plus-sized women who see these images feel empowered to embrace their own beauty.
I think they're pretty either way. but honestly they're not healthy either way. both extremes are just that. extreme and unhealthy. they're still beautiful though, as beauty radiates throughout weight, but I wouldn't say this is the healthier image, as both are a little unsettling
They are really cool. It's true most of the time photoshop is used to trim people or take away blemishes, etc. I love how she made them plus sized. Some were off looking but it is really hard to make them that way. ^^
@RaquelArredondo <333 you're the sweetest. I also believe that beauty isn't physical!! ^.^ and the most important beauty comes from inside. <3 thanks for reminding us of that. :* To those who made the point about health, I will play devil's advocate a little ;) Not everyone has the luxury of being healthy. It's something that entails time, money, and privilege. In the US, obesity is often linked with poverty (since the inner city poor rarely have access to affordable healthy food - much less a gym membership or even adequate free time). Shouldn't we stop shaming people for not being in optimal health, and just accept them as they are?
They all look really pretty both ways!
They look really beautiful ^_^
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