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Sesshomaru is my all time favorite male anime character. He's closed off to those around him but little by little he reveals more of himself through actions and hidden emotions.
Inu-Yasha.. all mouth without a filter! lol
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And also I don't want to post too much in case I change something. Know what I mean?
@TiffanyWallace I've been hesitating as well with my stories. Always nervous about how others with view them.
@JessicaDobbins what are your stories?
@TiffanyWallace I usually go on as well or asianfanfics or wattpad doesn't really matter to me.
@Nadinerzz OK. My username on is up above if you want to go ahead and follow me. A may go ahead and post the few two chapters I have written this weekend. Depending on how soon my beta responds to my message. I'm going to have her read over to check any missed errors. :) @JessicaDobbins