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Make Hot Chocolate With Molang!
It's cold and blustery here so it's the perfect time for some hot chocolate! I hoe you enjoy this @Molang4ever^^

Here's how to make it ^^~

Say it! 핫쵸코 (haht chyo-ko) - hot chocolate 마시멜로 (ma-shi mel-lo) - marshmallow 생크림 (saeng keu-rim) - whipped cream Describe it! 뜨거워요 (ddeu-keo-weo-yo) - Hot (like if it burns you, lol) 따뜻해요 (dda-ddeut-hae-yo) - Warm 맛 있어요 (ma-shi-sseo-yo) - Delicious!


우유 (oo-yoo) - milk 코코아 (ko-ko-ah) - cocoa 마시멜로 (ma-shi mel-lo) - marshmallow


1. 따뜻한 우유와 코코아와 마시멜로과 비비다. (Mix warm milk, cocoa, and marshmallows) 2. 마셔요! (Drink!)
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Please if there some mistakes in My post today , please bear with me since my sight is blurry and simply type to let my friends know why i am A bit quiet this week . TQ !
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aw that's so cute~ Hot Chocolate is wonderful ☕
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now if they just made milling shaped marshmallows...
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핫쵸코 한 잔 주세요 :)
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