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hey guys sup this is kalyan i wanted to know which one will win is it ichigo or naruto both fight for thier friend or comrades. what do you think is it bankai or chakra. let me know which one will win in the comments section below until then next time guy's see ya
Naruto.. If we are following both series Ichigo loses his power and never really gets his true Bankai back Naruto just keeps getting more powerful.
Hardd question butt, they'dd most liKey Kill each other simultaneously.
Soul reapers can only be taken down by another.. I gotta mad love for Naruto, but i doubt he can even sense Ichigo or the seireitei
thats really tough but probably naruto (p.s. im actually not a naruto fan so dont think wrong and start saying that i only picked naruto because i dont like bleach , i love both so BEWARE! )
Close call but I would pick naruto like both though
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