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Jennifer Lopez KILLED it on stage during the American Music Awards. She danced to all of the popular songs of 2015. She wore a sexy skintight suit with multi-colored pattern, that hugged all her curves in all the right ways.
Some of the songs she dance to included 'Anaconda' by Nicki Minaj, '7/11' by Beyonce, and 'Bad Blood' by Taylor Swift.
Some people mentioned that Nicki Minaj had a face of disapproval or slight annoyance with J Lo's dance performance for Anaconda. I don't think she did -- but you know, people gotta make something outta nothing.

Here's her face expression if you're curious:

People gotta stop making stuff up...

Here's a clip!

@karencorchado I've been a fan for a real long time too. there has been a change. but. a lot of times you gotta change with the times and go with the flow while still staying yourself
she's older than me by a couple of years, I think, but wow :) she still got it
I said it before, I'll say it again. I have mixed feelings. She did an amazing job paying homage to all the performers who were mentioned for that night. However, she's an older woman and a mom. She needs to bring back her real dancing skills, like she used to do and leave the booty shaking to the younger singers, who can't dance as well as she can. Oh!!! JLo!!!!
jlo is still tha baddest in tha game
I may not be the biggest fan of Nikki but it looks more like she's smiling and actually enjoying the show. not being salty. and @karencorchado you make it would like she's a grandma xD I say if you know how to work it. do it. just don't get to crazy.
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