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Haha I'm contemplating on that last one cx I was laughing with all 9 pictures and at the last one, I screeched like a little girl hahaha but I have to say, I'd be completely flustered in that situation :D
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Number 10 馃槏 Grimmjow on the mind. 馃挄
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Number ten, some lovechild of Edward Elric and Kirito just caught my hand and called me (a dude) sweetheart. I think I'd laugh so hard that I'd cry.
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How about imagine your sleeping with your favorite anime charaters and you keep going on and on about how hot it is. So he had enough rolled on top of you pinned you down and said if you complaining on how hot it is I'll give you a real reason to feel hot 馃槇馃槏
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@Courtneyxx I was blushing so much馃槴馃槏 I would die of happiness and excitement LOL
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