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@MattK95 Here is my sleep playlist as of right now. @kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTS5ever @Myaisnotsexy @Armystarlight @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku @jessicalnichols @glo86 What is your sleep playlist?
I usually get through 20 songs before I fall asleep
I am obsessed with these songs right now. 1. B.I.G (Boys In Groove)- Hello 2. History- Psycho 3. A.Cian - Ouch 4. AlphaBAT- AB City
These ones I listen about 100 times a day 1. Exo - What is Love 2. BAP- Coffee Shop 3. BTS- Cypher pt 2 : Triptych
Hope you liked my playlist I only put a few of the songs I listen to because I wouldn't have enough room for all of them.
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@destiny1419 you definitely have a lot more upbeat and hype songs on your sleep playlist than me XD I used to listen to songs like that at night...but now I just use ballad type songs ^^ thank you for participating in this challenge, your list is awesome :D
I love History, and Psycho is one of my favorites!
Mine is bts i need you, beautiful, war of hormones! I finish up with i need you girl! Then i go over to my 2 favorite junjin songs you and on my own
good songs!
How do you fall asleep to this? If this was my playlist i would get up and dance to half these songs :D