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OMOGOSH!!!! ARMYS AND KPOP FANS AROUND THE WORLD ... BTS HAS FINALLY RELEASED THE OFFICIAL PHOTO SHOOT PHOTOS FOR THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS IN LIFE PT.2 !!!!! I'M SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!!!!!! >○< >○< >○< >○< !!!!!! Okay, ready to be shocked by all this beautifulness ?? Better be.
One word- SEXYBEAST. Seriously look at his face! And his hair and that butterfly tat! Ugh! He's just so perfect ♡ Is he trying to kill us with all that Sweg? I mean first it was naruto and then Jack frost and now sexy Min Yoongi with green hair... Bighit is trying to kill us. Conspiracy = Confirmed.
Jimin. Gahd. Dayum. MY BIAS IS RUINING MY LIFE AGAIN T○T T○T I mean look at his face ! And his smirk and ugggggghhh!!!!! HE HAS ORANGE HAIR!!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!!! Seriously he slays honestly.
Kookie can please just not? Like seriously, I'm over here trying to love Jimin and shit but then you come over here with your bad self trying to wreck my bias list. Like please calm down your only 3 ✋✋ Stop being sexy and shit 
Bruhh ... Oppa please, we get it your amazingly hot and ungodly sexy but please spare us youngsters, I don't think we can take all this sexy at one time its-its to much!! 
This little... He's too much T○T I'm gonna die from cuteness overload And that hair! He looks so good with those green streaks !!!!
 ................................ HOW DARE YOU HOBI-HYUNG!!!!! WHY ARE YOU SO BEAUTIFUL FOR!?!?!??!?!??!? Looking all fine and shiet, slaying me like a warrior or something..... Damn.
And then there's this sexy hunk of man! Look at those tats! ... Hehe we know those ain't real Looking so fine it's not even funny. Damn Namjoon ... Pink is definitely your colour and what do you know that just happens to be my colour too! We should meet up sometime and uhh exchange clothing *wink wink* *nudge nudge* *not imply sexual innuendo at all :D*
And then finally we end this feels trip at the center station. Which by the end of this amazing life changing experience should have everyone dead by now honestly it was 3am in Australia, I was asleep, heard a beep, woke up, saw this, fangirled for 15min and then spammed twitter and (FINALLY after how many tries) wrote this! Shows how much I love my boys hahaha. I need to get a life. . . . What do you think ARMYs? To sexy to handle? Excited for the comeback? (Obviously) annnnnnnnnnd did Bighit have you waking up at 3am to spaz the frig out with these beautiful faces? Tell me below !!!!