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Fave Kpop Guy Group(s)
Day1: Favorite Kpop Boy Group
My Favorite Kpop guy group is VIXX!! (i actually can't choose soooo lmao here's some more im srry ik I'm only supposed to choose 1!)
of course BTS is my favorite kpop guy group too!!! LIKE I'M SO PUMPED FOR THEIR COMEBACK ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY CYPHER PT.4 IS GONNA BE FIRE!!! & last but not least... pic cr. to owner♡
B.A.P! YES SIR!!! they were one of my first kpop groups so they will always be my fave♡ their comeback killed my feels & had me feeling old since i started remembering shiz from like 3yrs ago!! lol pic cr. to owner♡♡
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vixx is my life!😍😍 @RaviDoll
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@mouniq as you can tell Ravi is my life
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ㅋㅋㅋyesss😂😂 @RaviDoll
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