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. . . . . .just finished this show! !! ^_^ loved it :D but the ending how the hell did he come to life after he was dieing like wtf man! & Hyun woo why you have to die! rate 8/10!
@kpopandkimchi yes you must watch it! it has more medical taking and fighting then it does romance but out of all I liked it you should watch it
@KAddict yes like what happened to the patients and did the little girl die or get better because they just gave them a drug that lowered their thirst for blood and who were the guys at the end are they gonna actually find the true antidote? all these questions unanswered needs to be answered!
I only looked at the picture and I'm not reading the comments but I am here to say that this is getting higher and higher on my watch list because so many people talk about how good it is^^
@EmilioTrevino I think it needs another too. There are still parts of the plot that I have questions about that were never answered, and they left it at a perfect spot to continue it. I cried so hard when Hyun Woo died since I had grown very attached but your right that at least he left being happy.
@KAddict that makes so much sense! but it still needs another drama in my opinion & yes it was great just Hyun woo died after having drunksex lol sad but he left with happiness which is awesome ^_^
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