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6th Nani November installment: Who to survive a zombie apocalypse with? Well, I'd have to choose the embodiment of destruction himself, the Kyuubi, Kurama!
Kurama is the Nine Tailed Demon Fox, and as such, is a complete badass. With this giant, flaming fox around, those zombies wouldn't stand a chance! He's destroyed the entire Leaf Village a couple times over (not to mention almost everywhere else), so a few animated rotting corpses shouldn't be a problem. If I can gain his respect, and respect him in turn, we could become the most awesome zombie-destroying pair around.
And.... he's adorable! Hopefully he'll let me pet him when we're done killing the undead!
awesome pick! and thinking a little outside the box! I dig it!
@VinMcCarthy, thanks! I like picking the unique things, and Kurama has always been a favorite, so I thought, why not?