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Now, I'm having a hard time trying to decide between the two, but I am choosing Sesshomaru and Gildarts. They are both amazing characters and Super Powerful!!! Let's make it a team! XD (Sesshomaru probably wouldn't be too keen on the idea of "working together". Hahaha!) @VinMcCarthy
Check out Gildarts awesome power. Magnolia has a special setting of how the town is for when he arrives home because it's so destructive. XD
And of course, the love of my life, Sesshomaru-sama! There isn't a zombie in the world that he would let come near him. Between the whip, the acidic poison/fumes, Tokijin, Bakusaiga, Tenseiga, and his raw power, he's in invincible ;) "Wait for me, MiLord!!!"
awesome! I think sesshomaru is a great pick, if temperamental XD I also agree with gildarts for his laid back attitude and sheer power
Lord Sesshomaru. tho hed prob make u sorta take care of urself. while Gildarts will help u and get maybe a little goofy after he gets to know u, both are so awesome and cool!
I agreed @LadyLuna or Sesshomaru would say to stay in a certain spot while he takes care of the rest. Either way. The zombies wouldn't last very long.
Sesshomaru Would kill you
Hahahaha! Great point! Rofl! @Kirik
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