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Let's stay up all night and watch random 80's action films Let's stay up all night and talk about absolutely nothing but it's something to is Let's play video games together, I beat you in the game ..i let you beat me in the game Let's get up and go make pancakes in the kitchen at 5 in the morning because the game froze Let's kiss and see where that leads Let's our hearts bear as one Let's understand each other Let's be compassionate toward each other Let's not let anyone or thing separate us Let's have our special thing Let's just be ourselves Let's live and love each other Let's last forever Let's be....
Beautiful words, my friend. <3 *Hugs* It's okay for even US to get emotional sometimes. ;)
This is such a perfect card.
@AlloBaber I get emotional at times and that post is what happens. Sometimes you have to step out of your life and look at it and soak in every wonderful moment.
Wow @LAVONYORK I love this!! Beautiful~ :) I want all these things!!