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Oh, boy! What a loaded 7th question, @VinMcCarthy! Well, I'd have to go with Maka Albarn!
Maka is strong, tenacious, and intellectual. As such, we think alike so I think it would be easier to learn from her than others. She can be patient and extremely caring, so I think if I didn't understand something, we'd work at it together until I did (or give me a patented Maka Chop if I really screwed up)! Since she is so right-brained, she wouldn't be annoyed when I started picking apart things and asking tons of questions. She'd probably join in!
She is a badass scythe Meister, and while I tend towards swords, I would still love the chance to learn any sort of martial weapons combat. Her ability to sense souls and understand who they belong to is really cool, and appeals to my sense of empathy. I would love to learn that soul perception. And, with her deep concern for others and need to understand them and help them, I think she would be just the person to teach me and my weapon/partner how to look inside ourselves and each other and achieve true soul resonance (which I've always thought would be sssssooooo cool; who doesn't want a partner that knows them completely and whom they understand in turn?)
In short, Maka is one of the strongest, best people I can think of in anime, and I would love to learn from her!